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As a new year begins, we are helping to support ten global partners who serve the nations. I thought that it would be good to let them tell us what their goals and expectations are for 2021.

Our global partners in SE Asia are the Wiesners. They have established an ongoing outreach to the nations through the platform of education and CP work. Russell is the International Director of Global Partners, which is a sending organization, and he is the president of the international school that he founded. Sharla is a nurse and has taught kindergarten and elementary when needed. They are serving 25 different countries including refugees for whom they raise student scholarships. Their goal is to multiply their work into other SE Asian countries.

Our partner Emily Hochstetler serves in the Congo, and I’m happy to announce she will visit us on January 10th! In 2021 she will be transitioning into the role of coordinating communication for the Kinshasa City team. This includes the Tabitha Centers and other ministries. Some of them are Kidstory, for sharing good news with children, Follow Me, for young men, and GlobalFingerprints, a child sponsorship program. One of the communication tools Emily will be using is managing a new Facebook page for the team.

Traveling to Spain, our partners there are Sam and Jill Tabiendo. Sam tells me that despite Covid, they completed almost all their goals for 2021. They are striving to continue to develop, empower and release leaders for all the new fellowships that are being planted. The Spanish Gypsy DVD is completed, and now they are working on the English subtitles. The fellowship of gypsies wants to expand their efforts beyond Spain. Another goal they have is to add new Reachglobal workers, and they are taking applications for university and young adults in their 20’s. They also have a need of $600 more of support, and they would like to visit their aging parents in 2021.

Our partner, Carol Johnson, works with GlobalFingerprints in the Philippines. She would like to see 50 kids sponsored, a second Mom’s class to start in January and a Dad’s class to start then also. She wants to visit Manila one or two times this year and as well as have regular zoom meetings with the program manager there. She also wants to do more traveling that was not possible in 2020, to promote GlobalFingerprints and recruit sponsors.

In India, our partner is Gus Peters. He also works with GlobalFingerprints. He would like their sponsorship to increase from 486 to 750. They currently have 900 children attending programs. The team there in Kolkata would like to purchase a building to be used for a Skill Development Class they wish to start for women rescued out of trafficking. Another goal is to spread GlobalFingerprints to other countries such as Bangladesh.

Richard Nakamura shares that at one point in Japanese history, the Tokugawa Shoguns divided villages into five family groups. The purpose was to report on each other and a climate of fear and deception developed. Richard would like to redeem the five family group idea and make it into discipleship training groups. The idea is that when the Japanese return to Japan, they would be able to stand alone and reproduce themselves into fellowships. He also says that the Seattle church people are scattered, and he would like to solidify these local groups.

Despite his move to Pennsylvania, Joel Cook will continue to work with the Awana ministry in California and Oregon. He wants churches to focus on the critical needs of children and families. His goal is to find new places to start clubs and is asking the Father to start seven new clubs in 2021. There are new club resources that he wants used to support the clubs during the Covid-19 period.

Our Asian Partners, the Shickleys, are based in Thailand. Steve’s responsibilities center around developing and empowering teams that are part of the Asia Division Leadership Team. He also coaches eleven family units and would like to make it a priority in 2021 to check in with them monthly. Another goal is to add 25 new staff to the Asia Division by 2024 and to increase partnership relationships with EFCA churches. He wants to establish a Staff Development Team and is making preparations for the 2022 Momentum Conference. Personally, he would like to get more exercise and personal reading time, make it a priority to support Marlene in her ministry and strength their marriage.

Our ARM team is Ian Carlisle and Linda Reed. Covid has made a large impact their ministry to the inmates at the Butte County jail. So, in 2021 they would like to be able to once again do jail visitation and visiting one on one with inmates. They are busy writing letters and that will continue. Ian wants to establish at least one leader in each pod that can lead in study and prayer. He would like to hire a youth chaplain to work at Juvenile Hall. Arm needs more board members and volunteers for visits. Their support is very low at the moment and his goal is to add three more churches and five individuals to support ARM on a monthly basis. Ian would like prayer for his son, Jason, as he is going through a change in circumstances, and Ian wants it to lead to a return to faith.


Linda Moore

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