Gospel Opportunities

Back in August, as our staff met to plan for the school year, we discussed what it meant to be apart of the Oroville Christian School community. From the discussion that took place, four core values were developed…Gospel Opportunities (Matthew 28:16-20), Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), Love like Jesus (John 13:35), and Community (Philippians 2:2).

The Bible is taught…At OCS, not only is the Bible taught for what it is, the inspired Word of God, but it serves as a foundation for other texts, as well. Students at OCS become familiar with Bible stories at a young age, and the truths in the Bible become more familiar to them as they continue grow and learn. As the inspired Word of God, timeless lessons are brought to life and made relevant for students' lives today. By integrating a Biblical worldview into every subject, students walk away with a better understanding of who they are and how they fit into God’s plan of redemption.

Prayer is part of the school day…Oroville Christian School encourages prayer and understands it to be a path to a more personal relationship with God. It also strengthens students' relationships with one another. Teachers and students continually pray for each other during challenging times and in good times – providing an inclusive, loving learning environment where everyone feels supported and welcome.

Fruits of the Spirit

Character formation…This is a big one. We provide young people a safe and nurturing environment in which they will learn to use the Bible to guide them as they make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes. Our school’s curriculum and philosophy can help bridge the gap in an era when character education is so important. Morals, ethics, and character development inform some of the fundamental beliefs and values at Oroville Christian School.

OCS shares your values…Integral to the mission of OCS is partnering with parents to provide Biblical foundation for their child. Spiritual formation and developing the fruits of the Spirit are important components of the program at Oroville Christian School.

Love Like Jesus

Every teacher models Christian principles…A child’s teacher is an important role model. The children spend a major portion of the school day under the influence of one or more key teachers. In the OCS classroom, the teachers openly demonstrate and model what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Curriculum is aligned with Christian values…While strong academics continue to be at the forefront, concepts learned in the classroom can be viewed through a variety of lenses, including those of the Christian faith. At OCS, the curriculum is scrutinized closely to make sure it aligns with a Biblical worldview.

Whole Child Development…The Christian school educational philosophy focuses on a Christian-based education that aims to develop well-rounded individuals. It is our belief that education should develop both intellect and character, thereby equipping students for lives of servant leadership. OCS seeks to inspire and encourage each student to discover and develop his or her God given talents, preparing them for future success.


Belonging…Attending OCS provides the opportunity for both the student and the family to belong to a caring community, where everyone shares a unity that is based on Biblical care for one another. OCS offers a healthy environment for learning based on authentic relationships, and that education should develop both intellect and character, equipping students for lives of service in this world.

Positive peer pressure is all around…Having peers who have similar values helps complete this nurturing environment. Students are expected to reinforce positive habits, as well as positive attitudes. This goes for teachers, too. They are more than just lecturers; they are mentors, sometimes even friends, who truly know their students. This gives them more freedom to individually encourage, support and influence their students – demonstrating that it is okay to try new things, and it is cool to be smart and do what is right.

Safety…In addition to physical well-being, OCS offers a safe emotional and spiritual environment. Children are nurtured in a safe, caring environment, modeled by adults. OCS provides a safe avenue for students to express their ideas, explore new things, and most importantly, be themselves.

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