Masks, Masks and More Masks

Masks, Masks and More Masks

News from Emily Hochstetler - Tabitha Centers - Congo, Africa

If anyone asked me how I was doing in the last couple months, my answer was probably along the lines of "drowning in masks". At the end of May, the Tabitha Centers were asked to join several other women's groups in sewing masks for Covid-19 patients and their immediate families. Our contract was for 25,000 masks. To accomplish this, we reached out to Tabitha graduates, and teachers asking them to join us in sewing masks.

This project has allowed us to do something to help those who are suffering from the direct effects of the Covid-19 virus. In addition, it is giving a number of Tabitha women a means of having some income to assist their families in this very difficult time. For me, this has meant helping to cut the fabric and other materials for the women to sew, as well as handling quality control-insuring each mask was sewn well. This week we have delivered the last of our masks for this contract. The seamstresses were thrilled when we learned that another contract may be on the way!


At the end of June, our Kinshasa City Team (ministry leaders from various ReachGlobal ministries in Kinshasa) met to receive some training from a doctor on Covid-19 and prevention measures. These leaders will then be able to share the training with others in their ministries. It was really good to see this group again and remember the many ways God chooses to reach people in Kinshasa!

Follow Me

At the end of July, I was able to attend and take pictures at the installation of another Center for young men. This ministry, called Follow Me, has been under development for several years, and is finally ready to begin expanding. The pastor who will be in charge of this center has done a wonderful job with the Tabitha Center at the same location over the past few years.

Tabitha Center Reopening

In the last few weeks, the DRC has slowly been lifting some of its prevention measures. This means that our Centers are legally allowed to meet again. We do still want to be careful in how we handle the reopening. We will be providing hand-washing stations, masks, cleaning supplies, and training to our Centers to help them open safely.

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