Grateful for God's Words

Hello! I thought I would talk about how the Women’s Bible Study on The Gospel of Luke From the Outside In is going for our small group, up here, in Berry Creek. We consist of Caroleah Johnson, Chris Berry, Connie Picotte, and myself, Mickie Seward. We sit outside in Caroleah’s boathouse and dock, both located on a beautiful large pond on her property. We meet on Wednesday mornings and feel the morning breeze; we watch the dragonflies hovering over the pond and occasionally watch Gracie, the dog, swimming in the pond. I do not want to forget to mention the turtles that peek their heads up every so often. So, that is the setting we are positioned in while we study and discuss God’s Word.

God’s Words. I am learning a more dynamic and deeper meaning of His Word through this study. As of this writing, we are only on Week 6. Some words that have stood out to me so far are: accomplish, certainty, messages (from God), event, unique, trust, foundation, and power (of God). I will not talk about all of these, but as an example, I will discuss the first word: accomplish. When God says He will do something/anything, for whatever reason, He WILL accomplish it. When we say we will do something, for whatever reason, I now feel that, for us as humans, we MIGHT finish what we started, but I am leaving the word accomplish to God. God’s word has a physical, emotional, and spiritual impact. It affects all of life. The accomplish-ment sometimes takes centuries from start to finish or only seconds. God’s Word defines accomplish to me in a completely different sense.

All my life I have had difficulty reading and retaining content, but I found that multiple-choice tests in high school saved me from flunking out. So, at first, reading the Bible was so confusing to me. Bible studies in general have helped me over the recent years, but this study is opening my spiritual eyes to God’s definitions of His Words.

I am looking forward to finishing this study so I can find more and more depth, more understanding of God’s living Words. At 70 years old, my eyes are being opened to the very real presence, work and roles of the three persons of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Through the written and verbal dimensions, I am learning and understanding in a way I never did before.

Being able to participate together, with these three women, has been a big relief to me! Being outside in Caroleah’s tranquil boathouse and breathing fresh air – amazing. I asked Caroleah, Chris and Connie what their feelings were about our study group. They (and I) all agree that the fellowship with others is wonderful, especially since we are all so remote in Berry Creek. This way, we do not have to drive to town. Being able to set aside time to visit with each other and just breathe as sisters in Christ. What a gift! What a statement!

Sisters in Christ, what a blessing.

Mickie Seward

P.S. I want to thank all of you for your prayers in April. I went by ambulance to Oroville Hospital; I had a severely pinched nerve in my neck. Ultra sounds, C.T. scan and M.R.I were done on my neck and head. A meningioma tumor was discovered between my temple and eyebrow on the left side of my head. I feel that God has blessed me with the least threatening type of tumor. I have no symptoms of pressure from this tumor. Dr. Schmidt, a neurologist here in Oroville is going to periodically do tests to monitor the tumor. My neck is fine after physical therapy. All is well. God has been so good to me. I am blessed, truly.

Thank you again my sisters and brothers in Christ for your prayers. God hears every syllable.

P.S.S. Accomplish – has, is and will!

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