God's Love

Moving to Oroville, I have learned that 91 degrees isn't hot, turkeys are proof of God's sense of humor, and I still haven't figured out what happened in naming the intersection of Lower Wyandotte/Ophir and Lower Wyandotte/Palermo. However, it is clear that God has been evident at Oroville Christian School. In a time when many Christian schools around the state are closing due to low enrollment or financial uncertainty, the generosity of the church and the leadership of the school have left OCS in a great position to impact the next generation of students for Christ.

It has been a long time since we have been able to meet as a school and I know the teachers and staff have all missed the students and their families.

All summer, the campus has gone through changes to provide a safe year full of growth and opportunity. God has amazing things in store for all of us and I am excited to see how He uses this school year at OCS to make us all more like His son Jesus. While we are still uncertain how we will do school, we know that the challenges and opportunities provided us are in His control.

Please continue to support and pray for Oroville Christian. Specifically, the following:

- These are anxious times, full of uncertainty. Pray for a sense of peace for our students, their families, and the school staff.

- We are in long term need of more teachers. As the school grows, finding qualified teachers who love Jesus and love kids becomes a priority. Pray that God would provide.

- That God would use our interactions at school to impact the hearts and minds of the students and their families for His purpose and His glory.

Mark Bates


Oroville Christian School

Office: (530) 533-2888

Cell: (818) 262-1589

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