The Adventure (Always) Continues with God!

The Adventure (Always) Continues with God!

Well, saints, it has been quite the adventure the last several weeks, hasn’t it? God never promised us smooth sailing, but He certainly has promised us the gift of joy and peace in all circumstances. And we need not live with a spirit of fear but of anticipation of how God will provide for His sons and daughters moment by moment. Isn’t that such a great part of the adventure?

Our brothers and sisters around the world have been keeping us updated with news of their triumphs and challenges during this crazy time in the world. Here are some updates shared in recent weeks.

Gus and Shikha Peters in India, where 1.3 billion people remain on total lockdown, sent word that in the first part of April they had a day where their “mighty men and women” were able to distribute 530 bags of groceries to the children in that program, which in turn blessed the families as well. The list of food quantities that day included 6,396 pounds of rice, 585 pounds of chickpeas, and 140 gallons of oil. On another day in late March, they were able to distribute soap bars and packets to their ministry kids.

Steve and Marlene Shickley, serving out of the Chiang Mai area of Thailand, shared concerns over what new norms in their country mean for their day-to-day activities. Travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines meant cancellations of training meetings and other outreach-related travel for them and many other mission teams in the region. They are focused on being gracious to one another as the family is now all under one roof for an extended time. They also are praying for wisdom, motivation, and direction as future needs and events are planned for.

Sam and Jill Tabiendo are serving in Spain, which has been hard hit by the virus. Jill was doing fine during the lockdown there, but Sam was in the states for a while, towards the end of March, caring for his parents. He will return to Spain when travel restrictions allow.

Join us in lifting up all our supported missionaries while they navigate the safety of their own families during this time as well as the way the Holy Spirit may be prompting them to serve in new and different ways. We just never know what God may be preparing us to do! (2 Timothy 4:1-5)


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