Planting Spiritual Seeds

Through these articles, the women’s ministry team has sought to introduce the church body to its members. The team has changed over the last months, and little by little, we want you to meet the new ladies who are joining the group. We love getting to know each other. Together we have a wide array of gifts, passions, and experiences, but we share a common desire to see sisters in Christ connect and live out the Gospel in an ever-increasing manner.

Mickie Seward is zealous in her desire to live for God and to be used by Him. Her excitement at using her many skills to benefit our church has already been evident. What an encouragement she is to us!

Admittedly, she is not functioning in her “comfort zone” as she writes this article (you should see her at the sewing machine though or with a power saw in hand) but listen as her desire to please God is displayed in the following paragraphs.


A lot of topics presented themselves to me as I pondered this article. I considered using construction outlines – such as God being the engineer, Jesus being the foundation, the Holy Spirit being the frame, us saints being the windows, insulation, sheetrock, etc. The next idea I thought through was the process of making paper clay characters – God again being the designer, Jesus being the armature (framework used by a sculptor to support a figure being modeled), the Holy Spirit being (in this case) the paper-clay material, us saints being the paint and the details. The examples in my head were many and, at times, over the weeks, a little overwhelming.

No matter what example I would use or choose, it would be of a finished structure or sculpted character. I was aware that the concept I was trying to express was deep. So, while I was in “contemplation mode”, I was working in my yard, in the flower beds, as well as purging inspirational piles of junk (that’s a considerate way of saying I am a packrat - My husband would call me a hoarder!) I was talking and praying to Our Father God while questioning which analogy to use. My answer from God was right in front of me – the beauty of nature, the flower beds, the trees, the birds, the ladybugs and butterflies.

God created every living thing. So, let’s focus on the outside plants. Plants need water, sun, and nutrients in the soil (thank you worms) among other things. The roots of these plants will spread to create more of these plants. Or, possibly, birds will eat the seeds from such plants that have expired, either from the blooms or from the fruit, and they will channel the seeds to grow and spread all over the ground. Additionally, squirrels will gather acorns, bury the acorns to stash them, and some of these will take root and become oak trees. On and on it goes, but all living things need food, sun, and water to thrive and spread.

Bees pollinate by going from blossom to blossom to bear fruit. Bingo. Bear fruit.

In the same way, we need nourishment, sun, water and care. God’s Word is what feeds our hearts. God gives us all that we need to survive. God’s grace enables us to be redeemed. If we don’t feed ourselves with what God provides, we will wither and dry up and fail to be purposeful for service to God.

Fellowship with our church and fellow Christians feeds us- supports each other like a trellis for a vine in God’s garden. God provides all that we need. It is our choice to accept all His system of nutrients. As we grow in Christ we should be spreading “seeds” to share the beauty of God’s Word. To be able to thrive in God’s love is a gift from God that we accept or reject. Our choice – He gave us the ability to make choices. I choose God and God’s grace. I don’t deserve any of it, but I accept it. I feel that since I accept His gift, I have a responsibility to not waste the opportunity to learn what God’s intention is for me personally in all forms.

To bring more clarity to these thoughts, let’s go back to the construction analogy. Simply put, the building will fall apart if it is not maintained.

We can maintain our souls with nourishment from God’s Word, with our open and constant relationship with God, with our service to Him and with the spreading of His Word.

I thank all of you who help me learn to be a better Christian and most of all, I thank God the Father, Jesus Christ His only Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Mickie Seward

P.S. Planting spiritual seeds, watering, fertilizing and pollinating, … I can’t think of a better job in service to God our Father.

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