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Women’s Ministries – Article by Gwen Finch and Peggy Schultz

In July, the Women’s Ministry Team organized a summer, four-week women’s gathering. Every Monday, women gathered for morning and evening sessions.

Several teachers introduced various aspects and principles of Bible study, and we implemented them as we studied John 15:1-17. We had great worship, snacks and skits. It was excellent.

We thank the many ladies who were involved.

We asked several women how the summer Bible study impacted them. These are thoughts from four of them.

“I enjoyed our July get together for many reasons. It breaks up the summer. I get to see grand ladies that enjoy one another and to share a great way to study the Word. I also realize as branches we grow and blossom with one another through Jesus our caretaker. Chris B.

“The July women’s meetings were encouraging and delightful. Anytime I can sit and learn about God with other women is a good time for me. The meetings were well planned, the snacks were great and the speakers all brought a fresh perspective on the subject of studying the Bible. Another reason for it being delightful for me is that it gave me an opportunity to get to know ladies in the church that I did not know well.” Linda Moore.

“The summer classes challenged me to be more intentional in my daily Bible readings. We were challenged to study the passage with heart and mind, purpose and prayer, perspective and purpose, using cross references, maps, a dictionary and other helps (but not a Bible commentary). We should be able to discover for ourselves more of the “who, what, when and why” of the passage that was written. Ultimately, that should help us understand the meaning, and how, the passage should apply to our own lives. This all requires time and patience and certainly the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but is a goal worth striving toward.” Clara Jones

“I attended three of the evening meetings. It was nice seeing such a good group of women attending. What it meant to me was learning about new techniques, which is hard for some of us. It was interesting all the different ways to approach studying the word. There were arrows, underlining or coloring, the whom, what and why approach. Important to me was to study with my heart and mind. Not just searching for the right answer to a Bible Study question but delving into the Word. I may or may not use any or all the ideas but I will go about it differently with a new look at my Bible Study. Thank you ladies that put all their time and effort into putting these on for all of us. Learning to “Savor His Word”. Eileen L.



Seven Arrows: The Basics of Bible Study

Starts September 16th 6:30 pm

At Petrina’s

P. Ladendorf/C. Hensel


A study of: Women of the Bible

Starts September 10th 6:30 am

Music Room

Marcia Sundahl


A Study of Isaiah

Starts Sepember 3rd, 1pm


Linda Moore


If God Is For Us by T. Newbell (a Study of Romans 8)

Start September 10th, 1:30 -3:00 pm

At Wagenaar’s Home

Carol Hensel


A Study of Abraham

Starts September 18th, 10:00 am


Eileen Hewitt/Peggy Schultz

RETREATS: Mount Hope Women’s

Retreat: October 4th – 6th, 2019

Women’s Training Network – Two Day

Intensive: Sacramento November 1st – 2nd 2019


Starting in October. Watch for dates.

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