Oroville Rescue Mission

Something Old, Something New & Exciting

The Oroville Rescue Mission, Inc. is excited to introduce the new logo. “Something old” stands for continuity; “Something new” shows optimism for the future. As the Mission moves forward towards the goal of providing more shelter for the less fortunate in our community, we area also working on a plan to be able to better meet the needs of those suffering from addiction. Part of that process is communicating the vision that God has given us for this time.

The first part was communicating the vision of moving forward to purchase the property next door to the Mission in order to build a newer, larger, low barrier shelter that would allow law enforcement to move transients from the parks. There would be enough shelter beds to do that n and this would benefit our community as well. We are currently trying to raise the funds to purchase this property.

We wanted a new , fresh look, while at the same time we do not want anyone to think that we are moving away from or abandoning our past. This new logo has new colors, new motto, same God, same ministry, same love of helping people. You will notice the Cross and the shield. These two symbols are synonymous with Christianity. As a faith-based organization, the Mission will always hold true to the Cross of Christ as a symbol of our salvation and our freedom. You will also notice the arrow after “Mission.” This arrow points towards the new motto, “Loving People Forward.” This is the goal of the Mission. We do not want people to stay in the condition that has caused them to be a guest at the Mission. Our desire is to “Love them forward;” to help them deal with issues; to hopefully become a productive member of society. While we realize that this may not b e possible in all cases, it is still our goal.


Community Fundraising Efforts

  • Summertime Matching Grant Program: The Mission is again taking pledges for it’s Summertime Matching Grant Program. We will be receiving a percentage of matching funds on all monetary contribution in the months of August and September. Simply go to orovillerescuemission.com or visit Oroville Rescue Mission, Inc. on Facebook for more information or to donate.

  • We are privileged to have Grocery Outlet help the Oroville Rescue Mission with their Independence From Hunger. This is a month-long (July) food drive to help those in need. Please be part of the solution by shopping at Grocery Outlet in Oroville, where you can make a difference.

  • Eat Sunday dinner at Denny’s between now and August 25, 6-10 pm, and Denny’s will donate 10% of your ticket total to the Oroville Rescue Mission, just let the cashier know. …

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