Oroville Rescue Mission

It is Time for the Oroville Rescue Mission to Grow!

I’m sure that you have noticed that th Oroville homeless population has exploded. When the Mission was built, it was designed to house 24 men and 10 women. We surpassed those numbers years ago. Common occurrence: our dorm isfull, we have men sleeping in the chapel, mission lobby; and we have moved program members into the mobile home that used to serve as the Mission office. We are bulging at the seams, and if we are going to be in a position to help the less fortunate of Oroville, we must have more space.

We are attempting to purchase 4248 Lincoln Blvd. This is the property that is locate directly next door to the Mission. This property is 1.9 acres and has a 6,000 square foot warehouse on the property. This is a major undertaking that if we are successful will bring about an even greater goal that will serve the City of Oroville for years to come. I have listed several reasons for this course of action(s)…

1. Low Barrier Homeless Shelter

2. Warehouse Storage

3. Space for the Future

We believe that the Lord is leading us to build a 100 bed “low/no barrier shelter.” This would mean that alcohol/drugs would not be a factor. Part of the planning would include outdoor lockers for clients to put their belongings in (we would not allow any consumption of alcohol/drugs on the premises). The plans also include kennels for animals. This would allow clients that have animals to come and the only caveat would be that they must be the ones to care for their pet. This would enable law enforcement to tell clients that they need to stay at the shelter and not in the parks or business doorways.

Additionally, the City of Oroville is in the process of annexing the Mission into the Oroville City Limits. We are excited about this process. While it will increase some costs, such as garbage; it will also make the Mission eligible to receive Community Development Block Grants.

WE MUST GROW, but the Mission needs your help. We were just turned down for the H.E.A.P. Grant; no sheltering monies for Oroville, only Chico. This means that I have an extremely limited time to raise the $427,000 necessary to purchase the property to begin the process of building a new homeless shelter.

We need your help and we covet your prayers.

Reverend Stephen Terry Executive Director/Senior Pastor

Oroville Rescue Mission PO Box 2481 4250 Lincoln Blvd. Oroville, CA 95965-2481

530.533.9120 …

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