In the Blink of an Eye

That is the way this school year has flown by. We are in our last month of school and are definitely on the downhill side of the mountain. I remember as a little girl “older” people saying how fast time went by the older they got. I didn’t understand it at the time but I do now!

We had a record reenrollment! By March 29th we had 92 Elementary students and 14 Preschool students re-enrolled for the 2019-2020 year. At the printing of this article we are up to a total of 97 Elementary and 24 Preschool students. Please continue to pray for the Lord to continue to bless us with students.

This month we have several special celebrations. Our Kindergarten class will be celebrating all the wonderful things they have learned on May 23. All of you are invited to attend this fun program. Each year Mrs. Worthington chooses a special theme for the event. It is always a fun surprise to see our Kindergarteners then fulfilling her vision for the program.

On May 24 we have two great events, the first being Field Day. Field Day takes place the morning of May 24. Our wonderful Parent Teacher Prayer Fellowship (PTPF) plans a terrific morning of fun activities for the whole school. This year they have planned a Birthday Party theme with lots of team games and activities. Field Day is a perfect way to end the school year.

Also, on May 24 is our eighth grade graduation. This year we have 9 students graduating from OCS. It will be a delightful time celebrating their successes. We are happy and excited for their growth, but sad to see them leave the OCS nest! It is always bittersweet!

Just because school ends on May 24 doesn’t mean you can stop praying for us. During the summer the office will be busy interviewing and testing students, ordering curriculum, reorganizing and regrouping, and praying for continued vision for the ministry of OCS. Hopefully, I’ll need to hire an additional teacher(s) to accommodate all the new students God is going to bring us. Thank you so much for your continued prayers on our behalf.

Please pray for:

1. The staff to be refreshed and energized during their time off.

2. For strategic and effective planning.

3. For the Lord to fill any new positions that may occur between now and then.

Blessings~ Debra Ward …

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