We’re Soaring High!

This term our OCS students have been given the opportunity to participate in the “Ninja Warrior Junior Challenge”. We had three Ninja Warriors visit the school in January. All of them were Christians and had the freedom to share their faith with our students. Before coming to our school we were asked to come up with a special Ninja challenge. The challenge the teachers decided upon were for Kindergarten - Second grade to turn in 100% of their homework each week. The Third-Eighth Graders have been challenged to have no more than two late assignments. This challenge runs through the middle of April. Those students who make the challenge will get to participate in a modified “Ninja Warrior Junior” obstacle course in May at the Municipal Auditorium. So far, many of our students are doing well and we hope to be taking a good number of students to the event.

Another big activity happening at OCS this time of year is our annual Science Fair. Science experiments are taking place in classrooms and at home. Our Science Fair, coordinated by Mrs. Cindy Hammonds is a great opportunity for our students to learn and practice the Scientific Method. Mrs. Hammonds is an invaluable resource when it comes to the scientific method and running our science fair. We appreciate her expertise so very much!

The school year is flying by! By the time you receive this “Contact”, OCS will be in its final trimester for this school year! We are looking forward to several things this spring, Celebrating Easter, Standardized Testing, Field Trips, Graduation Preparations and more. As the time flies by I am reminded that the most important reason we are here is to spread the gospel with the students and families that we serve. I had the wonderful privilege to share Christ with two students in January. Both were girls, one in first grade and the other in eighth grade. Both were having challenging times when I spoke with them. I am thrilled to report that both girls prayed to receive Christ as their Savior. What a joy and blessing it was to be part of their salvation story!

Miss Debra Ward …

Events: Science Fair—March 21 Easter Break—April 15-22 Peter & the Wolf—May 3 Open House—May 9 Kindergarten Celebration—May 23 Field Day—May 24 Eighth Grade Graduation—May 24

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