Missions Committee Report to Congregation for Activities in 2018

The Missions Committee greatly appreciates the tremendous support from the congregation during this past year. As a church family, we have hosted several missionaries who have actively participated in our services. The church family has contributed to the financial support of twelve missionary families and been faithful in regular prayer support for the missionary ministries. In addition, several families within the congregation have provided personal support for individual children in India, the Philippine Islands, and the Congo through the EFC ReachGlobal “Fingerprints” program. Thus, as we enter into a new year, the Missions Committee provides the congregation with the following report concerning the missionary activities of this past year.

Three years ago, at the beginning of 2015, the Missions Committee increased the financial support for all of our missionaries and missionary families by more than 40% of previous support levels. It has been a true blessing that the Missions Committee has been able to maintain the increased financial support levels during these past three years, thanks to the faithful support of the congregation. Thank you!

During the 2018 Year, the Missions Committee held 10 committee meetings, hosted two missionaries, planned three receptions for missionaries and brought four new missionaries/missionary families before the congregation for confirmation and support.

Our church financially supported the following EFC ReachGlobal missionaries and missionary families during 2018:

¨ Emily Hochstetler, Tabitha Ministries, Kinshasa, Congo, Africa

¨ Carol Johnson, EFC ReachGlobal “Finger Prints”, Philippine Islands

¨ Lois McMartin, Missionary Support Services

¨ Gus and Shikha Peters, Kolkata, India

¨ Steve and Marlene Shickley, Chiang Mai, Thailand

¨ Sam and Jill Tabiendo, Madrid, Spain

¨ Ken and JoAn Warwick, New Missionary Training/Team Leader Trainer

In addition to the monthly support of our EFC ReachGlobal missionaries, the church has financially supported five additional missionaries/missionary families:

¨ Ian Carlisle, Ambassadors of Reconciliation Ministries, Jail Ministry, Butte County

¨ Joel and Virginia Cook, AWANA Ministries, Northern California

¨ Richard and Keri Nakamura, SEND International Ministries, Japanese Diaspora, Renton, Washington

¨ Linda Reed, Ambassadors of Reconciliation Ministries, Jail Ministry, Butte County

¨ Russell and Sharla Wiesner, Pioneers Ministries, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Transitions: This past year has been another “transition year” for several of our missionaries, with one missionary (Lois McMartin) retiring and four new missionaries selected to replace them. Lois McMartin and her husband, David, worshipped with our congregation on September 9 as they prepared for their retirement in October. During the Discipleship Hour, Lois provided a summary of her services in support of other missionaries.

With the transition of several retiring missionaries during the past two years, the Missions Committee was provided the task of selecting new missionaries to replace those who were retiring. In January, Carol Johnson was introduced to the congregation as a missionary who will coordinate the ReachGlobal “Finger Prints” program for the EFC churches in the Philippine Islands. This is a new start-up program in the Philippines for providing support of needy children who are linked to church ministry. Then, in April, Sam and Jill Tabiendo, EFC ReachGlobal missionaries to Madrid, Spain, were brought before the congregation as replacement missionaries for Vance Johnson, who retired in November, 2017.

On July 15, a special commissioning service was held during the morning worship service for Linda Reed, who is serving as Women’s Chaplain with the Ambassadors of Reconciliation Jail Ministry. She began receiving financial support from the congregation in July. Finally, in late July, Don and Penny Remley hosted a luncheon for two EFC ReachGlobal missionaries, Steve and Marlene Shickley, with whom the committee had been corresponding for three years. After hearing their testimonies and learning more about their mission in Thailand, the Missions Committee brought them before the congregation to be financially supported, beginning in August. The Shickleys replace Lois McMartin, who retired in October.

Summer Missionaries: The Missions Committee was approached by two young ladies, formerly involved in our youth program, who are currently attending Christian Universities. They were both planning to be involved in Christian mission trips during the late spring/early summer and were seeking support from the congregation. Laura Finn was involved in a medical missionary trip to India, through Simpson University. Katelynn Jarboe went on an International Services Project to Southeast Asia, with other students from California Baptist University. After hearing from both young ladies about their plans and commitment to serve the Lord, the committee agreed to financially support their missions.

Welcome to New Committee Members: Angela Brown joined the Missions Committee in April and has become a vital part of the committee. Clara Jones and Allison Cardwell will be joining the committee in January, 2019. Welcome!

Special Thanks: Special thanks is offered to the Deaconess Committee members who have provided support to the Missions Committee’s activities throughout the year, including the planning for two receptions for visiting missionaries.

The Missions Committee also offers a special thanks and best wishes to Linda Reed who has served on the Missions Committee for more than a decade. Her passion for missions will be greatly missed by the committee as she leaves the committee and expands her jail ministry. The committee also wishes to give special thanks to Maria Farris, and Don and Penny Remley, who “live missions”. They will be leaving the committee at the end of 2018.

Presented by Don Remley, Chairman, Missions Committee …

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