Nursing Mission to India

On May 27th I went with a group of fellow nursing students from Simpson University to Moripodu, India to offer medical support in areas that had little. During this three week medical mission, my team and I learned over and over again that the Lord is true to His word: He saw us through various situations that would have stopped certain elements of our mission in its tracks. One day (though we had ordered more) we were completely out of glucometer supplies, which was a shame since screening for pre- and diabetic patients was a substantial part of our medical goal. As we were in our morning bus transit to set up the medical camp for the day, the man from whom we had ordered the glucometer strips and lancets appeared out of a swarm of motorcycles He stopped us in the middle of the busy street and through one of the windows handed up a bag of the very supplies we needed. Away we went, fully equipped to do what we needed to do. Occasions like these were the Lord's ways of letting us know the Lord was ever present and willing to help in times of need.

Throughout all the days of travel, the nine medical camps, and days spent helping out the school we stayed at, God was present and known. He ministered to me in various ways throughout the trip. As someone who strives to be very independent, I can get stuck in the mindset that I must do everything on my own. However during my visit to India, Jesus made it very clear to me that not only is this mentality very unrealistic but also impossible to try to minister to others without counting on Him.

My team members were inspirations to me every day! I felt that God ministered to me through them all the time. When I was feeling discouraged that I may not have said the right words to a patient or didn't do an assessment thoroughly enough, it was my teammates who helped me see that it will be okay; God will do what He will with what happened. We planted seeds wherever we went and I'm so grateful to have been a part of it and to learn how to plant seeds wherever I go. Without them I wouldn't have realized that the trip to India was altogether a gift and that I was honestly led there. I learned that a life change doesn't happen and end; it is a continuous transformation that keeps going with every choice made.

One significant highlight of the trip happened a few days into the medical camps when we were able to purchase 50 bibles in Telegu, the primary language spoken in Moripodu I was one of the lucky student nurses to distribute the bibles while my fellow teammates did the assessment work that day. I will never forget the first bible I handed out, given to an elderly woman who received it with such a gratitude that I had never seen before. This wonderful woman received her bible with a joy that inspired her to hug me, kiss my face, and thank me over and over. It was like handing out gold. Many reactions after that were quite similar; responses of tremendous gratefulness to me, when I was merely the lucky one who was in a position to hand the bibles over. I wanted to thank them instead for rekindling an excitement in me towards the Word of God. This beautiful memory will always remind me of the incredible fortune I have in my abundant access to the bible.

Going to India changed my life and my heart, and I do not say that lightly! When Simpson puts together a team to go next year I hope to join them. This trip has been one of the greatest adventures of my life and thank you to Evangelical Free Church for helping me financially and spiritually while I venture out into the mission field.

-Laura Finn …

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