The School Year Winds Up

In April, the First – Eighth Grades participated in Terra Nova testing. Each year this process allows us to see how well our students are doing compared to other students through-out the ACSI organization. As a staff we look for strengths and weakness, and evaluate our curriculum based upon our scores. Overall, our students test extremely well each year and we are so proud of them!

Other highlights for the month of April were: The Talent show sponsored by our PTPF. It was exciting to see our students using their gifts and talents! The big event for the Junior High class was the Historical Sites Tour. We headed to Washington D.C. on April 22 with a total of 15 students and 10 chaperones. The trip was non-stop and full of fun. We visited, Colonial Williamsburg, the Jamestown Settlement, Fort McHenry, The White House, Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Complex, the Holocaust Museum, Mount Vernon, and The Museum of the Bible (which just opened this year!!). Then we headed out of the D.C. area for Gettysburg and Historic Philadelphia. After touring those areas, we continued on to New York City to see, The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, The Empire State Building, The Brooklyn Bridge and the 9/11 Museum. After all of that, we were tired and happy to be headed for home.

How exciting it was to be able to view the places that are so important our American History and to know that our founding fathers, met, prayed, and sought after, God’s will for the formation of our country. I am thrilled to be leading a school that still sees the importance teaching American History and instilling patriotism. Every month our students have a patriotic song of the month. We sing it each week in chapel. There are so many schools departing from this activity, that it brings joy to my heart to know another generation of our students WILL know “The Star- Spangled Banner”, “America” and “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” just to name a few. God has truly blessed America!

May flew by quickly as teachers and students were busy completing projects, taking field trips, and preparing for graduations. The Kindergarten class held its celebration on May 24th. There were many happy parents and grandparents in attendance. On May 25th, we celebrated our eighth-grade class graduation. Many of the students from this class have been together since preschool. They have formed strong bonds with each other and will miss having class with each other on a daily basis. They are excited, yet a little nervous about school beyond OCS. Please be in prayer for our graduates, that they would remember the words of the Lord and walk in His ways.

This year has truly flown by! It has been filled with challenges and blessings that have caused me to grow in the Lord and seek His face for wisdom and discernment. On, March 15th the Oroville Christian School Board voted to offer me the permanent position of Administrator. I feel blessed and honored that they have placed their trust in me to lead OCS forward in the coming years. Please pray for me as the Lord leads, that I would be lead by His spirit, that I would have wisdom and discernment, and that I would be “tuned” in to His voice.

Miss Debra Ward Administrator …

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