Surgical Hats for Kids

The 6th grade class has been studying the life of Esther. Esther was a young Jewess woman. She was an orphan, lived a simple and obedient life dedicated to God. Due to God’s design for her life, she rose to become Queen and God used her to save the Jewish nation.

God’s design for our lives unfolds day by day. When we see the opportunities God places before us, it is our responsibility to serve Him obediently and joyfully. Our class was given the opportunity to serve children who are facing the stress and uncertainty of a surgery. A plea for people to sew child sized surgical hats was posted on Facebook. We felt that it would be a great way to share the love of God with children. We took up the challenge to sew surgical hats for children. When children are in the midst of medical procedures, they have so little power to choose what is happening to them. In a small way, children can choose colorful surgical hat made from children themed prints that they will wear during surgery.

Once we decided to do this service project, we then determined to make 10 hats per student + the teacher in 6th grade. That is 130 hats! We accomplished our goal of 130 hats, and we will deliver them to the Children’s Life Unit at Sutter Hospital in Sacramento, today, Wednesday, May 23rd.

As we studied the life of Esther, we saw that her roll in saving her people would come at a great cost, possibly her life. When God calls us to serve others, it may come at a cost of time, effort, or money. We learned so much from the process. It wasn’t all easy. We learned it was important to pin the pattern securely or the circles would be unusable. We learned that sewing circles was more difficult than it looked; we learned how to rip out seams that were not done correctly. We learned that it would take endurance to complete the projects, and not to quit.

Mostly we learned that when God provides an opportunity to served Him we need to trust He will give us the ability to do it. Our prayer is that the children we serve with this project are blessed. …

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