Overflow Oroville

Last year, our Student Ministries began a new outreach ministry called Overflow Oroville with the mission of reaching our community with the gospel of Christ through performing acts of service for those in need. We would have monthly projects that would allow us to serve our community in a variety of ways, such as serving at the Hope Center, cleaning up a local park, and Christmas caroling at Country Crest.

Also last year our youth had the opportunity to participate in World Changers in Fresno where our students served the community of Fresno through construction projects that led to opportunities to share the gospel. As we were coming home from that trip, the question was raised, “Why couldn’t we do something like this in Oroville?” Out of this question our Overflow Oroville Spring Break mission trip was born. This past Spring Break, more than 20 students and adults came together to do service projects for people in our community, to share the love of Christ with those whom we served.

We had several different crews working on different projects each day that ranged from painting a house, building a set of stairs, weed pulling, grass mowing and floor repair. Our crews were led by Joe Goitia, Brenden Wixom and Chris Celeri. We also had a lot of help from other adults who came as their schedule would allow to assist our students in their work. The students not only gave up their days to work, but were also camping out inside the church, having Bible study in the evening and being fed by our wonderful kitchen team led by Tracie Duenas.

Many of you may know that I was unable to attend the week due to an unexpected illness and I am deeply indebted to those adults who stepped up in my absence and led our students in a fantastic week serving the Lord and the community of Oroville. Thank you to all who donated supplies, who came and worked, and who committed to praying for our team that week! We look forward to our next Overflow Oroville opportunity!

Soli deo gloria, Pastor Brian …

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