In the Circle with the Awana Ministry Director

April is a busy month as our Awana year is wrapping up and many of our clubbers are scrambling to finish their handbook so that they can earn a book award. To help our T & T Clubbers (3rd to 6th graders) with this objective, Frantic Friday was held. 11 clubbers, 5 leaders and their director gathered together to help them reach their end goal. Many verses were memorized to enable 26 completed sections, 5 unit awards were handed out and 1 book was completed. We all ended the night with a much deserved root beer float.

As April was speedily coming to a close, we had our annual Grand Prix Race. The clubbers all started with a rectangle block of wood and then amazing transformations took place. The goal was for the clubber, with guidance from a parent, to build a car while following instuctions so that their car can successfully race down the track. On race day, 23 cars from Cubbies, to Sparks, and to T & T'ers were ready to go. From Bible cars; to a turtle, a pink poodle and a shark; to superhereos and a police car; to trucks and, yes, even a strawberry ice cream truck; and to fast looking race cars, the clubbers were all ready to see whose car was the fastest. Ready, Set, Go was called out many times and all the cars had an opportunity to speed down the track. A fun day was had by all as Chris Celeri shared interesting speed facts and based his message on I Corinthians 9:24 – Do you not know those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it.

As April closes, May will see our end of the year Family Night with book awards being presented and an occassion for our Awana families to hear Pastor Gregg share Biblical insights with all.

Serving Christ Together, Tim and Laura Giordano …

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