“Katelynn Jarboe to Serve on Short-Term Mission to Indonesia”

Katelynn Jarboe participated in the Oroville EFC youth program for several years prior to her family’s move to Southern California. She and her sister were involved in the youth worship team, as they play the base guitar and piano. Last summer, Katelynn and her sister returned to Northern California to assist Heidi Lundberg and Pastor Brian Bell in providing music for the church Family Camp.

Katelynn is a good example of Proverb 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he/she should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Katelynn grew up in a loving and supportive Christian home, with a father who served in ministry. She is currently a freshman at California Baptist University in Southern California and has a heart for the Lord’s work. As a result of her passion to share the “Good News”, Katelynn has applied to serve as a short-term missionary this summer through a program sponsored by California Baptist University.

May 7th is the date of Katelynn’s departure for a three-week mission trip to Indonesia, which will be intensely focused on sharing the gospel message. She will serve on a six-women team which will be connected with missionary workers in Indonesia. The team expects to witness to university students, visit rural villages and participate in prayer walks, taking every opportunity to share the gospel with those with whom they come into contact.

In preparation for the mission trip her team has been meeting since early February for at least three hours per week. They have practiced sharing the gospel with others by going to random apartments, knocking on the door, and “having a gospel conversation” with the resident. They have also been involved in group Bible study and corporate prayer in preparation for the mission.

In recent communication with the church Missions Committee, Katelyn shared the following: “I have grown in my personal faith as I have been learning to truly trust God and seen His faithfulness in provision. I am learning to lean on Him for my every need and come to Him FIRST. I now feel an even stronger urgency to share the gospel in my everyday life. I know that my love and knowledge of God will continue to increase as I prepare for my trip. I’m so excepted to see how God is going to use my time in Indonesia to grow me and further reveal Himself to me. I can’t wait to see what He does.”

The Missions Committee is financially supporting Katelynn for the short-term mission trip to Indonesia. The congregation is encouraged to join committee members in providing prayer support for Katelynn while she is on her mission. Take time today to pray for spiritual growth, safety and God’s provision for Katelynn’s needs. May she lean on Him for her every need.

Don Remley for the Missions Committee …

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