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February was a great month around OCS. On February 9th our Parent Teacher Prayer Fellowship hosted the “Family Frost Fest”. Each family brought a picnic dinner and enjoyed winter games. Each family was assigned a team and they reported to their team quadrant for instructions. They played “Let It Snow” (throwing cotton snowballs into the other teams’ areas), Then “Dress the Snowman” where each team had to wrap two adult volunteers from their team in toilet paper and then dress them appropriately. It was so fun to see the teams racing back and forth working together to create their own unique snowman. Another game we played was “Nesting Penguins”. Two adults from each team raced to their “nest” of eggs while trying to keep a balloon between their legs. Meanwhile, the children raced around stealing each other’s eggs while trying to keep as many of their own in their team nest. The highlight of the evening was the “Dog Sled Races”. Each team was given a huge plastic tub that had been set-up with a pulley system. The “dogs” were adults who took turns racing around the circle while hauling a student racer. It was thrilling seeing those dads and moms race around trying to get through their team participants the fastest without dumping their rider.

Next, we had Kindergarten Information Night on February 22nd. Our wonderful Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Elisabeth Worthington shared with perspective parents the benefits of enrolling their soon to be Kindergarteners in our program. When I visited the classroom recently I had many students reading to me! It was so exciting to see the progress they have made so far this year.

Things are not going to slow down in March. We are headed into the third trimester excited for the end of the school year.

Our annual “Science Fair” is in full swing! Our students have been researching, experimenting, and prepping for their final project which will be judged on March 7th. We would like to invite you to come to school on Thursday, March 8th from 6:00-7:00PM to check out their projects. The students will be there and ready to give you their reports. Please drop by if you have the time.

Another great Spring activity that OCS looks forward to is “Spirit Week”. Our student council is planning some great themes and activities. Everyone always looks forward to “Pajama Day”, “Wacky Wednesday” and “Throw Back Thursday” just to name a few. The week will conclude with a Spirit Rally. We can hardly wait!

Thank you very much for praying for our school, and its students and teachers. Prayer is what keeps us going when families need to be ministered to and difficult decisions need to be made. Please continue to pray for wisdom, discernment, and a Godly vision for the future of OCS. This is His school and we desire it to be ALL He wants it to be.

Many Blessings, Debra Ward Interim Administrator …

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