Laura Finn to Join a WorldSERVE Team to Moripodu, India

Laura Finn is currently a junior majoring in nursing at Simpson University, located in Redding. She has volunteered to serve on one of the university’s WorldSERVE teams during May and June. She will be joining other nursing students and a few physicians in ministry through Hope for People in providing medical care to impoverished, rural villages near Moripodu, India.

Laura recently met with the Missions Committee and shared that her team have been meeting regularly in preparation for the mission trip. Although she expects to be able to use the knowledge and skills she has learned through the nursing program to serve the patients in India, she has also been participating in a period of spiritual preparation through fasting and study of God’s Word. Since January, the WorldSERVE team has been experiencing how it feels to sleep on the floor, eat foods which are different from what we normally include in our diet, and preparing themselves for the poverty which they will experience in India.

The mission team will be gone for three weeks, from May 21 through June 10. During this time, Laura has stated that she desires to gain a better understanding of her personal strengths in service to others in a cross-cultural environment. She knows that she will be in conditions which will test her faith, medical skills and leadership abilities. Even so, Laura looks forward to assessing her ability to work and serve others in this unfamiliar culture.

Participation in mission trips is not unfamiliar to Laura. In 2011, she participated in her first church mission trip to Mexico and then went on four additional trips following the first experience. She credits Ken Butler and Mark Lundberg for the interest they had in training her to serve others across borders. She states that the Mexico mission trips “tore down and entirely reshaped the way I saw the World, and I knew I was doing the Lord’s work”.

The following is a statement from Laura Finn which was provided to be included in this article: “A few years ago someone asked me what breaks my heart and then encouraged me to pursue and focus on that with my profession. As I learn more about the nature of the World, I have come to the working conclusion that those who have been abused and neglected are who I am called to bring healing and the Light of the Lord to. During the preparation of this trip, I continue to be washed in revelation after revelation from God and His calling toward this field; I am honored to answer Him.” Laura has requested prayer for herself and the team. She is specifically desiring that the Lord guide her and show her how to serve and share God’s love with her peers and community in Redding prior to embarking on this short-term mission to India. Mark your calendar now to continue upholding Laura during the latter days of May and early June while she is away from her family.

It is always a joy to watch our youth grow in the Lord and develop a desire to serve Him! Lynn Silvernale is a good example of a Christian nurse who heard the Lord’s call and answered it by serving in Bangladesh for more than five decades, both as a nurse and translator of His Word. Could it be that Laura may be our next missionary nurse that we send out to spread God’s message of peace, love and salvation to a hurting and needy people group?

On behalf of the church, the Missions Committee will be financially supporting Laura Finn in her short mission trip. Should you desire to provide additional support, please contact Laura at or her parents, Sean and Penny Finn.

Don Remley, member, Missions Committee …

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