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This time around we would like to share with you about our CUBBIE club.

What’s an AWANA Cubbie?

We are AWANA Cubbies we’re happy all day long. We know that Jesus loves us—that’s why we sing this song. We hop because we’re happy, and we jump and shout for JOY! For Jesus is a friend to us. He loves each girl and boy.

AWANA Cubbies celebrate the spiritual potential of preschoolers, in the two years prior to kindergarten, by helping them develop respect for God, His Son and His Word. In the Cubbies club, our purpose is to help parents with their child’s first step on this lifelong spiritual journey.

AWANA Cubbies curriculum encourages early parent participation in Awana helping to establish the practice of parent discipleship. Each week, the parents help their Cubbie complete the schedule Bear Hug (short story, basic Scripture memory & parent-child activities). Each part of the Bear Hug reinforces the same Bible truth; and at Cubbies, we center each of our five areas of club on the same truth. By creating this partnership, we hope to really “cement” that week’s Bible truth into our Cubbies’ minds and hearts.

What are our five areas of club?

· Game Time: Structured games and activities (non-competitive, cooperative)

· Story Time: puppet show, Bible lesson and prayer

· Snack Time: snack

· Book Time: verse recital (one-on-one time with Cubbie leader)

· Craft Time: craft

This club year has been a busy one—with an average of 22 Cubbies each week! To keep up with these numbers, the Lord has provided AMAZING, capable, energetic, patient and loving leaders: Bradley Walborn, Valerie Hughes, Susan Lundberg and Brandy Nyberg. This is my fourth year as Director of the Cubbies club and I am still learning what it means to be more “Cubbie-like” as I prepare lessons on God’s Word, His love and forgiveness and His beautiful creation!

Want to get involved? It’s easier than you think!

· AWANA is right around dinner time—so as you bow your heads to pray...please remember all the Awana clubs: health of leaders, safety of clubbers and staff, and that God’s truth be taught and received by open hearts.

· We are always in desperate need of “substitutes” when leaders are sick/unable to attend...a willing and joyful volunteer is one of the greatest gifts!!!

· Cubbies need snacks ☺ if you would like to volunteer to provide a light snack for our Cubbies—please contact Petrina Ladendorf (408) 476-2880.

· Let us know you are with us! Any of the AWANA staff, I know would love an encouraging note/phone call/text just letting them know that you are praying for them as they serve the Lord each week.

· Cubbies and other clubs could always use another faithful leader to be a part of the weekly club. Our current club needs are for a

* Sparks Director

* secretary for the Sparks club

* 2 women leaders for girls TnT club

* 1 male leader for boys TnT club

* 1 registration/administrative secretary for the AWANA club

As the Holy Spirit stirs you to enrich the lives of our clubbers and their families, please see Tim Giordano for more information.

We greatly appreciate your prayers and support.

Tim Giordano EFC AWANA Ministry Director …

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