Everyday a New Beginning

Sometimes the thought of a new beginning can be overwhelming. With so many things to do where do we start? Do you ever find yourself just stuck in one place because you have so many different possible directions in which to go? I know I do! It is at those times I need to grasp God’s perspective rather than my own finite perspective.

I recently read a great story about a young girl who had a heavenly perspective. “A little girl was visiting her grandmother in the country. One evening they sat and enjoyed the panorama of stars in the heavens – such sparkling brilliance the little girl hadn’t seen, living in the city with all the lights. She was in awe of the beauty and said to her grandmother, ‘If heaven is so beautiful on the wrong side, what must it be like on the right side?’” Wow! That’s a great perspective! She took the time to imagine what they would look like from the heavenly perspective.

From our perspective we are only seeing the human perspective of a new beginning, but God sees the heavenly perspective of each new beginning in our lives. Who but God knows what will happen in every aspect of our lives in this coming year. Only He knows what decisions you will make, whose life you will touch, how submissive to His commands you will be, and how and to what extent you will impact the world for the cause of Christ.

With all that said, that leaves us with an important decision. Do we passively sit back and not start anything new because we don’t know what the projected outcome will be? Or do we step out in faith in new beginnings trusting that God will give us His heavenly perspective on the new beginning He has asked us to take.

Our children are facing new things on a daily basis. Some are learning to read, others are learning multiplication and long division. The seventh grade has been learning some basic Spanish and the eighth grade has been challenged with public speaking. With new concepts in every grade level, we as adults need to support those “new beginnings” of learning with a good attitude and enthusiasm.

The character trait for January was “Enthusiasm – Expressing joy in each task as I give my best effort.” as a school we have focused on the following I wills: I will be an energy-giver. I will smile. I will treat every job as important. I will put my whole heart into what I do. I will not be discouraged by failure.

There are many things that can happen on a daily basis that can challenge our “enthusiasm”, but they are not an excuse for a bad attitude. OCS is trying to live out our character traits and exhibit the love, grace, and mercy of Jesus Christ.

Keep Serving Enthusiastically!

Debra Ward Interim Administrator …

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