An Update on Carol Johnson's Move to GlobalFingerprints

Child sponsorships have been around for a long time. In comparison, the child sponsorship of ReachGlobal is fairly new. But it is different from other groups in a very key way. If we look at a brief history of how it began we will see the difference. GlobalFingerprints officially began 2006, however it was the work of several prior years that launched it. The first country where ReachGlobal saw a need was the Congo. This country had just come out of a brutal 8 year war and the Evangelical Free Church of the Congo was suffering along with the rest of the country. There were many orphans, not only from the war but also from Aids. In 2004, the Arlington Heights Evangelical Free Church decided to take on this problem as a World Impact Project. Working in conjunction with ReachGlobal, and the Congolese EV Free Churches, they raised funds for the support of these orphans and GlobalFingerprints was born. The overall mission was to come alongside the Congolese EV Free church, meeting the spiritual, educational, medical, nutritional and other needs of children through partnership with local churches. The difference is the partnership with local churches who run the program in their own countries.

Today, for $35 donation per month you can change a child’s life in the Congo, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Liberia, Myanmar, Panama or Zambia. And many in our church are sponsoring a child through this program. Enter Carol Johnson. Our church is now helping to support her, as we did with her husband, Vance, before he retired. This is what she has to say about her new role with GlobalFingerprints.

“Vance and I have exchanged roles! He retired Sept. 30 and I was hired on Oct. 1 to work with ReachGlobal on their GlobalFingerprints program. GlobalFinerprints is a child sponsorship that works with church plants in 10 countries around the world. Manila, Philippines is the newest site, and I am the site coordinator for them. We are partnering with a couple who have been working with Mxims for 24 years. We are coming alongside them to sponsor children who have spiritual, physical, and educational needs. My job is to be in contact with this couple, Doty and Cris, to encourage them in their work, and also to help get sponsors for the children they work with. I will take one or two trips there per year to see firsthand how the ministry is going and to help me share it with the sponsors. I’m interested in leading a vision trip for anyone interested in getting behind this work to improve their facilities, or just give more awareness. I also am willing to speak to churches and groups who are interested in sponsoring children.”

For more information on this wonderful program you can contact Carol Johnson at: or contact …

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