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“Missions Committee Report to Congregation for Activities in 2017”

The Missions Committee greatly appreciates the tremendous support from the congregation during this past year. As a church family, we have welcomed a large number of missionaries who have actively participated in our services. The church family has contributed to the financial support of ten missionary families, provided personal support for individual children in India through the EFC ReachGlobal “Fingerprints” program, and been faithful in providing regular prayer support for the missionary ministries. Thus, as we enter into a new year, the Missions Committee wishes to provide a report to the congregation concerning the missionary activities of this past year.

Two years ago, at the beginning of 2015, the Missions Committee increased the financial support for all of our missionaries and missionary families. It has been a privilege for the Missions Committee to maintain the increased financial support levels during this past year. Our church supported the following EFC ReachGlobal missionaries and missionary families during 2017:

  • Steve and Carol Lyons, Tanzania, Africa

  • Vance and Carol Johnson, Philippine Islands

  • Lois McMartin, Missionary Support Services

  • Ken and JoAn Warwick, New Missionary Training/Team Leader Trainer

  • Emily Hochstetler, Tabitha Ministries, Congo, Africa

  • Gus Peters, India

In addition to the monthly support of our EFC ReachGlobal missionaries, the church has supported four additional missionary families:

  • Russell and Sharla Wiesner, Pioneers Ministries, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Richard and Keri Nakamura, SEND International Ministries, Japanese Diaspora, Renton, Washington

  • Joel and Virginia Cook, AWANA Ministries, Northern California

  • Ian Carlisle, Ambassadors of Reconciliation Ministries, Jail Ministry, Butte County

Transitions: This past year has been a “transition year” for several of our missionaries, with two missionary couples retiring and two new missionaries selected to replace them. Steve and Carol Lyons spent a week with our congregation in March as they prepared for their retirement in May. Steve provided the sermon message on March 12 and they were hosted by Eric and Heidi Lundberg while staying with us. Vance and Carol Johnson also spent time with our congregation in September as they prepared for their retirement, beginning in November. Vance provided a sermon on September 10 and the congregation enjoyed a nice luncheon with them. They were hosted in the home of Kirk and Marcia Sundahl while here.

With the transition of retiring missionaries, the Missions Committee was provided the task of selecting new missionaries to replace those who were retiring. Emily Hochstetler’s name was supplied to us by a previously retired EFC ReachGlobal missionary, Linda Sauke. The Missions Committee interviewed Emily in person in December, 2016, and later recommended that she be approved to be financially supported by the church. Later, on March 15, two EFC ReachGlobal missionaries from Asia spent an evening with several members of our congregation. During their visit, the chairman of the Missions Committee was able to review with them a listing of EFC ReachGlobal missionaries who were in need of support. As a follow-up to this meeting, the Missions Committee interviewed Gus Peters, EFC ReachGlobal missionary to India, in person in May. The committee then recommended that he be approved to be financially supported by the church. The approval was granted during the summer.

There is a good possibility that additional missionaries will be approved in early, 2018. The Missions Committee has recently interviewed a EFC ReachGlobal missionary couple who serve in Europe, with the possibility of supporting them. However, a final decision has not yet been made regarding the support. In addition, there is a possibility that the committee will recommend continuing support for Carol Johnson, in her new role as coordinator of the “Fingerprints” program in the Philippines.

Missions Conference: The Missions Committee greatly appreciated the tremendous support of the congregation in making the Missions Conference in April a success! It was good to have a cadre of seven missionaries present with us to share how the Good News is being preached throughout the World. Special credit must be given to Linda Moore and Lynn Silvernale who chaired the planning group for the conference. Also, thanks to Maria Farris, Dorothy and Dennis Hurt and Penny and Don Remley who hosted the missionaries in their homes during the conference.

Special Thanks: Special thanks is offered to Dick Miller and the Deaconess Committee members who have provided support to the missions’ activities throughout the year.

The Missions Committee also offers a special thanks and best wishes to Dorothy and Dennis Hurt who have served on the Missions Committee for more than a decade as chairman and member. Their passion for missions will be greatly missed by the committee as they enter into new ministries. The committee also wishes to give special thanks to Sheryl Jackson and Lynn Silvernale who “live missions” and provided excellent counsel to the committee prior to leaving our congregation in early April. These saints will each be missed as plans are made for Year 2018.

Presented by Don Remley, Chairman, Missions Committee

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