In the Circle with the Awana Ministry Director

Awana has just finished 8 weeks of club and we wanted to give you all an update. All of our clubbers eagerly look forward to club each and every Wednesday with most clubbers coming prepared with their verses memorized and ready to recite to their leader. We currently have 108 registered clubbers from 81 families of which only 8 of these families attend EFC.

Our T & T club for 3rd thru 6th graders just spent a couple of weeks getting to know Psalm 119. They have discovered that it is the longest chapter in the Bible with 176 verses. The clubbers discovered that each of the 22 stanzas in this chapter is related to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Also they learned that one of God's characteristic is truth and that this is reflected throughout this chapter as well as that His Words are true and all-sufficient.

The T & T clubbers were challenged to read Psalm 119 with their family and to write out what they learned from this passage. Here are a few of their responses:

Kendra – I should follow God's commands and to let God guide you with His Word.

Charles – If I do what God says, He will not be ashamed.

Aubrey – I need to hide God's word in my heart and that knowing God's Word helps me to not do wrong.

Amiya – I need to follow God's laws.

Blaine – Blessed are those who keep God's commands.

Nolan – Joyful people obey the Lord and that His laws give me wise advice.

Jeanna – That I should trust in God's Word with all my heart.

It is refreshing to see and read these clubbers views on what they are learning from God's Word and how to it applies to them.

We are grateful that our church supports Awana as we can see God working in each and everyone of our clubbers lives. Please continue to pray for our staff, pray for additional leaders that are still needed for all club groups and for our Wednesday night ministry to reach clubbers and their families through the teaching and memorization of God's Word.

Serving Christ Together,

Tim and Laura Giordano

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