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It’s Hopping Around Here!

Things at OCS have been hopping.

Hop One: On September 15th, we held Student Council elections for grades 5th-8th. Our elected officials are: President - Sierra Reinhardt, Vice-President - Faith Hendricks, Treasurer – Joshua Thomas, and Secretary – Daisylynn Anderson. Those students holding office attended The Middle School Leadership Conference in Modesto, on October 17th We had to get up mighty early to attend this event, but it was worth it. …………

Hop Two: Every other year our Junior High students take a trip to Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas. In order to take this trip each student begins to raise money two years in advance. On the fall before their trip they have one last big fundraiser “The Historical Sites Tour Dinner and Auction”. The theme for this year was “A Night at the Smithsonian”. The tables were decorated with small collections of items that may be on display at the Smithsonian. It was a great evening and our students did a terrific job on their presentations.

Hop Three: The Fall Festival organized and planned by our terrific Preschool Director, Mrs. Jolene Silva was held on Friday, October 20th. This year’s festival had a birthday party theme in honor of the Preschool’s tenth Anniversary! Children and adults had a great time playing games and eating birthday cake and ice cream.

Hop Four: We are gearing up for Veteran’s Day. This year, the month of November’s offering will go to purchase Bibles for men and women in the military. We are partnering with the American Bible Society to make this happen. For every $5.00 collected two Bible will be purchased and distributed. We will be honoring our local Veteran’s at our special Veteran’s Day chapel, on Thursday, November 9th. At that time, we will dedicate the Bibles in honor of those who have served our country so sacrificially. …

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