Ministry Appreciation Month

Bless her Heart…

October is “Ministry Appreciation Month” giving opportunity to honor and show appreciation for those who serve in the ministry

God has blessed our church here at EFC with a new pastor and wife and we are excited and so very grateful. By the time you read this article, we will have already introduced our Pastor’s wife, Carol, and gotten to know her a bit better at our “Ladies’ Night Out” event.

As we contemplate how we might show our love and appreciation to our new Ministry couple this month and throughout the years to come, perhaps you would consider the following:

Most importantly, pray for her. Take time to call or chat with her to learn of concerns and/or burdens on her heart that you can pray for. Then, remind her that you are praying often.

Always keep her conversation with you confidential. Be that listening ear for her that she can trust.

Invite her to speak at a ladies’ event or retreat.

Include her in the honors given to the Ministry Teams.

Collect a Love Offering just for her. Perhaps on her birthday, and insist she spend it only on herself.

Invite her to breakfast, lunch or dinner and get to know her. Ask questions about her and her family, about her favorite things, and really care.

Remember her birthday and anniversary.

Be considerate of family time at home. If it can wait, let it.

Send notes of encouragement often. Be sensitive to crisis times and busy ministry times. Those are the times encouragement and love shown mean so much.

During illness or grief, be there. Offer meals, run errands, child care, home care, pet care, etc.

Gift her with a gift card for restaurants in the area.

Prepare a list of trusted businesses and professional services in the area, complete with phone numbers, addresses, person of contact, etc.

Invite her to join your circle of friends.

Gift her with a day at the spa… hair, nails, pedicure.

Gift her with an all-expense paid Ladies’ Retreat that will fill her cup.

Introduce her to others at the church and activities.

Ask if there is anything you can do to help with their move, settling in, unpacking, etc.

She is not the Assistant Pastor…don’t expect her to be. =)

Lovingly, Marie Rehnert, Pastor’s Wife Widow

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