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On the 18th of August, OCS held its first Pep Rally of the year. We learned a new cheer “Hey Eagles” . . . “Hey Eagles show your pride, raise your wings and flap them high, Go eagles, Go eagles!” As we yelled the cheer we also flapped our wings. It was quite a sight to see our students and many parents flapping their “wings” and having a great time.

As the school’s Interim Administrator, I desire to instill a pride in our school. The Webster’s Dictionary defines pride as “a delight or satisfaction in one’s own or another’s achievements, in association” or “a person or thing in which pride is taken”.

God’s Word has a great deal to say about being “delighted or having pride” in our association with Him. Ps. 35:27 “Let those who delight in my righteousness shout for joy and be glad”. Ponder that for a moment. Are you delighted in the righteousness of God? Do you take pride in the fact that He is innocent, blameless, always right, and true? When was the last time you shouted for joy out of your delight in the righteousness of God?

Maybe we should cheer for our Lord! “Hey Christians show your pride, raise your voice and shout on high! Go Jesus! Go Jesus!” Ok, I know you want to….go ahead … find a place to be alone and cheer our awesome, righteous God!

Kid Quote: Miss Ward asks a First Grader on a Monday morning: “So how are you this morning?” Boy’s response, “I’m beat, I partied way too hard last night.” I cracked up. The student wasn’t trying to be funny, he honestly looked like he had indeed had a hard night. Not a great start for a six-year old’s week. LOL

Kid Quote: A Junior Higher recently told me, “My teacher even makes Mondays fun!” Folks, that’s saying a lot. Praise God for teachers who can make even Mondays fun!

Prayer Requests:

Please lift up those families affected by the Wall and Ponderosa fires

Safety on school field trips

Great health for students and staff

Wisdom and discernment for our leadership

Historical Sites Tour Dinner and Silent Auction to be held on October 13th

Broken and fractured families


Donations to our scholarship fund

Qualified Substitute Teachers

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