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Behold the Upright

“Behold the Upright!” Psalm 37:37: “Mark the blameless and behold the upright, for there is a future for the man of peace.” Over the past few years, it has been heartbreaking to see a growing number of Christian leaders, musicians, and even pastors, who have fallen from their very public positions of leadership because of hidden sin, now made public. As Christians, our response should be to pray for healing, for the effects of sin to be dealt with, and for redemption to come to those who have brought shame to the name of Christ through their actions and behavior. Yet, these spiritual tragedies should also serve as good reminders to us that we are called and commanded to be upright in our beh

God's Love

Moving to Oroville, I have learned that 91 degrees isn't hot, turkeys are proof of God's sense of humor, and I still haven't figured out what happened in naming the intersection of Lower Wyandotte/Ophir and Lower Wyandotte/Palermo. However, it is clear that God has been evident at Oroville Christian School. In a time when many Christian schools around the state are closing due to low enrollment or financial uncertainty, the generosity of the church and the leadership of the school have left OCS in a great position to impact the next generation of students for Christ. It has been a long time since we have been able to meet as a school and I know the teachers and staff have all missed the st

Vacation Bible School

I wanted to give an update on this years Answers in Genesis Vacation Bible School. We were able to provide a Virtual VBS through online videos and take home activities. Our theme was Mystery Island where the kids learned about the one true God, our awesome Creator, and about the salvation He offers through Jesus Christ. We filmed 5 days worth of teaching videos and science experiments and combined those with Answers in Genesis' pre-recorded drama video. Along with those the kids were also able to enjoy daily music videos, Scripture videos and mission moments. With the help of over 20 volunteers we were able to provided fun beach totes full of activities, crafts, snacks and prizes for each ch

Grateful for God's Words

Hello! I thought I would talk about how the Women’s Bible Study on The Gospel of Luke From the Outside In is going for our small group, up here, in Berry Creek. We consist of Caroleah Johnson, Chris Berry, Connie Picotte, and myself, Mickie Seward. We sit outside in Caroleah’s boathouse and dock, both located on a beautiful large pond on her property. We meet on Wednesday mornings and feel the morning breeze; we watch the dragonflies hovering over the pond and occasionally watch Gracie, the dog, swimming in the pond. I do not want to forget to mention the turtles that peek their heads up every so often. So, that is the setting we are positioned in while we study and discuss God’s Word.

Masks, Masks and More Masks

Masks, Masks and More Masks News from Emily Hochstetler - Tabitha Centers - Congo, Africa If anyone asked me how I was doing in the last couple months, my answer was probably along the lines of "drowning in masks". At the end of May, the Tabitha Centers were asked to join several other women's groups in sewing masks for Covid-19 patients and their immediate families. Our contract was for 25,000 masks. To accomplish this, we reached out to Tabitha graduates, and teachers asking them to join us in sewing masks. This project has allowed us to do something to help those who are suffering from the direct effects of the Covid-19 virus. In addition, it is giving a number of Tabitha women a mean

Summer of Internship and Growth

What a wonderful summer it has been! Over the past three months, I have had the privilege and the blessing of serving in our youth ministry as the intern. This opportunity has proved to be challenging, but enormously rewarding in so many ways. I am thankful for all the guidance and teaching Pastor Brian has given me throughout this process and for all the ways that the Lord has taught me and grown me in my faith. Here are just a few of the ways that I have had the privilege of serving our students this summer! 1. Summer Breakfast Bible Study! One of the biggest things I did this summer was lead our summer breakfast Bible study for our girls! For four weeks in the month of June, I led them t

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