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The Calm in the Midst of the Storm

“The Calm in the Midst of the Storm!” The unending siren of alarming news is coming at us from many directions. “Breaking News.” “Global Pandemic.” “Economic Catastrophe.” “Experts Say.” “The Greatest Crisis Since .” And on and on it goes with, whether on cable news, talk radio, podcasts, or news conferences. The confusion, chaos, and consternation that swirl around us threaten to throw us off balance if we are not properly grounded in the truth. Recently, in the face of Covid-19, widespread political tension, and mind-bendingly dumb decisions by government officials and even the Supreme Court, I thought back to a song that I first heard in the late 1980’s by Randy Stonehill. An

Oroville Christian School

The Oroville Christian School Board would like to share some exciting news regarding staff and the 2020/21 school year! Earlier this year we were faced with the task of selecting a new school administrator. Our beloved sister, Debra Ward who has served as both a teacher and administrator for OCS for a number of years, will be retiring at the end of this month (well-deserved we might add). She has faithfully served the students, families and staff; the board is especially gratefully for her leadership and willingness to take on tough tasks – she will be deeply missed. These past few months with COVID-19, meant that our school was not able to function as usual, teachers had to work long hou

Raising Christ-Like Children

I wanted to share this great article by Pastor William Boekestein from Core Christianity to encourage you as you raise the children in you like. Raising Christ-Like Children It is a sobering thought: today’s little children will soon be grown. Before that they will develop patterns that will shape the rest of their lives. God’s people have a massive calling to nurture God’s children. But the reality of growing children should also excite us to the potential of little image bearers to glorify and enjoy God as they mature. So how can parents and Christ’s broader body help children become Christ-like? We can start by understanding how Christ matured. The Holy Spirit gave this progress report on

Worship in the Waiting

Worship in the Waiting Worship. Of course. Worship God. Always. Worship God now. Now? It can wait. It can? The world is in turmoil. Yes … Life will settle down. Really? Pandemic and isolation. I can’t focus. Worship. Injustice and unrest. Don’t add to it. Worship. Fires, dangers on all sides. I must focus. Worship. Uncertainty, unsettle


On May 20, a Super Cyclone called Amphan hit the State of West Bengal, India where our supported EFCA missionary Gus Peters is located. Following are updates from Gus following the Super Cyclone. May 23: Thank you for praying with us as we deal with the after effects of the Super Cyclone. Just to give you a little update on the extent of the damage in our State of West Bengal: 86 lives have been lost. Approximately 7500 trees have been uprooted. Over 1600 villages in just two districts are under water. Total affected area: 21560 square kilometers 13 Million people have been affected. 110000 people have been left homeless and thousands of homes have been flattened. 1.4 million people are w

After Graduation

One of the hard parts of being a Youth Pastor is saying goodbye to those students who graduate out of your program. It’s especially hard when those students have been a part of the youth group for a long time. In a small way, you feel like a parent who’s sending off their child into the world, be it college or to begin their career, or just to move out on their own. You hope and pray that the lessons and values you’ve tried to instill in them will stick and that they will mature into healthy adults. Of course, I understand, and I have counseled many parents with this as well, that this is in the Lord’s hands. We can preach to and teach and counsel these students with godly wisdom but ultimat

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