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Christ is Our All in All

Christ is Our All in All! “And because of him you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God, righteousness and sanctification and redemption.” (1 Cor. 1:30). What an amazing heritage and inheritance we have in Christ! As believers, we know that all that we have in the Christian life is because of our identity in and union with Christ. Jesus is our all in all, always, and all of the glory goes to Him, both now and forevermore! As Paul writes to this church in Corinth, as you well know, he has to deal with a lot of challenging situations and terrible sin. To teach and instruct them in holy living, he begins the letter by reminding them that they belong to Christ and are called holy

Family Worship

At the last couple of parent meetings we have had in the Student Ministries, we have talked about the importance of family worship. In the sermon I preached at the end of 2019, I used Joshua 24 as a challenge for us to lead our families well, particularly in teaching them to honor and worship God. An all-too common problem that the church today is suffering from is children transitioning into adulthood with little, to no foundation on how to be a godly adult. Part of the reason for this is that parents have allowed their role as primary spiritual provider to be usurped by the culture, the educational system, and even the church. We have gotten the order backwards, thinking that it is the chu

For Everything There Is A Season

OCS For everything there is a season. Can you believe that spring is upon us? Spring brings warmer days, flowers, migrating birds, and the remembrance of Christ’s death upon the cross and His ultimate resurrection! When I think about the time between His death and resurrection, I’m guessing that time stood still for the Christ followers of that day. Christ was in their presence one day and the next He wasn’t, leaving an indescribable void. Even though they’d been forewarned that He would rise again (Mark 8:31), I’m sure there were skeptics among those that believed. Those that wanted to believe, but had seen with their own eyes the horrible suffering Christ endured on the cross before He die

Helping Our Children Grow in Gratefulnes

We walked out of the ice cream store in tears. What was meant to be a fun summer treat had turned into a family meltdown. Just five minutes earlier, we had walked into the store all smiles and excitement. However, as I explained to my three children that they were only allowed a single scoop of ice cream (instead of a more expensive treat with lots of toppings mixed in), their faces fell and complaining commenced. As the grumbling grew, I realized it was time for a difficult lesson. “Everyone, back in the car. We’re not getting ice cream today.” My children looked at me in shock and then in tears. I was crying too. Some lessons are as painful to teach as they are to learn. I wanted to have t

New Lives, New Goals

Happy Spring Church Family! Spring is a favorite of mine! It brings my favorite holiday ever, EASTER!! Along with celebrating our new lives in Christ, we enjoy watching new leaves on the trees, new plants spring from the ground and new livestock for some. You may have noticed a new configuration being worked on in the Missions area of the foyer. Let’s talk about that! As the Missions Committee, one of our goals is to keep our church family here informed about what is going on with the church family around the world that we are supporting specifically. We have been giving regular presentations at our family meetings and will have an in-person visit from the Warwicks in fall! We are workin

Ugly Porch

A handful of busy moms, plenty of young boys - occasionally one daughter -, and Romans 8; that describes Tuesday afternoons for a group of young moms and me. Between naps and school pick-ups, we squeeze in some much-needed fellowship and encouragement from what has been named The Greatest Chapter in the Bible. If you were to read some of our text messages or group emails, you might notice a reference to an Ugly Porch. You might even hear us discuss this Porch as you walk by us in the church foyer. I’ll grant you that, without an explanation, this comment can be confusing and rather odd. With certainty, I can assure you that our sharing time has never included a complaint about one’s actual e

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