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March came in like a lion at OCS!

· Our Second-grade teacher, Mrs. Goodwin had her first grandchild and was able to be with her daughter in Idaho for her grandson’s birth. · We had a terrific Science Fair lead by Mrs. Cindy Hammonds. Cindy’s love for science and her expertise in running the Science Fair was appreciated so much by teachers, parents, and students. It proved once again to be a great time of learning and celebration as students from the K-8th grades participated. We are also so appreciative of the volunteers who came and gave of their time to judge our students’ projects. If you would like to serve as a judge please let Mrs. Hammonds know. She would be delighted to add you to her list! · Spirit week was a blast!

Children In Church

I thought this was a great article from Core Christianity and wanted to share with you. It is by Starr Meade an author on parenting with young children. Piety is "devotion to religious duties." The faithful observance of duty in a culture as feeling-oriented as ours sounds less than interesting. Yet devotion to duty ensures that what is right and important gets done, however, we feel about it at the moment. Devotion to duty is a part of good character, and devotion to religious duty-piety-is an essential part of godly character. Several commonly held misconceptions about what is best for children threaten to derail the training of our children in this kind of piety if we should thoughtlessly

Sam and Jill Tabiendo, Missionaries to Madrid, Spain

With the retirement of several long-term missionaries who were supported by Oroville Evangelical Free Church, the Missions Committee has recently spent many meetings during the past year interviewing missionaries with the intent of adding them to the rolls of missionaries the church financially supports. The committee members have desired to expand the number of countries where we have missionaries and to also increase the number of missionaries supported by the church congregation. Our newest missionary couple, Sam and Jill Tabiendo, will increase the number of missionaries the church supports and will expand the church supported ministries into Europe, where we have not had a missionary p

The Pastor's Pen

“Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen” (Lk. 24:5-6). As we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is good for us to be ready to defend it against those who call into question this wonderful, eternal, and life-changing truth. In this article, we will give short answers to common objections against the resurrection. The first objection is: “Jesus didn’t really die.” The argument goes something like this: “Jesus was badly injured and put on a cross, but he was alive when he was taken down from the cross and buried. In the coolness of the tomb, he was revived, stood up, and came out, claiming to have risen from the dead.” How do we respond to

Busy Calendar?

If anyone were to take a close look at our Student Ministries calendar, they would discover that we have a lot of things on our schedule. There are several bible study options, different fun events, and other opportunities for our students to meet together. Someone might look at that and think, “Pastor Brian is crazy for scheduling so many things. There are too many events to ask these students to attend.” At times, I might even be inclined to agree. It can grow wearisome trying to put together so many activities for our students. But then I have to remind myself that there is a purpose behind all these events. That purpose is community. We are created with a desire to be a part of communit

The OCS Eagle

February was a great month around OCS. On February 9th our Parent Teacher Prayer Fellowship hosted the “Family Frost Fest”. Each family brought a picnic dinner and enjoyed winter games. Each family was assigned a team and they reported to their team quadrant for instructions. They played “Let It Snow” (throwing cotton snowballs into the other teams’ areas), Then “Dress the Snowman” where each team had to wrap two adult volunteers from their team in toilet paper and then dress them appropriately. It was so fun to see the teams racing back and forth working together to create their own unique snowman. Another game we played was “Nesting Penguins”. Two adults from each team raced to their “n

Let the Children Worship in Church

Jason Helopoulos pastor and author wrote an article for the Gospel Coalition that I wanted to share. As we prepare to incorporate the children into our Sunday worship services, here are some insights about having children in worship. Allissa Bell Let the Children Worship in Church We pulled into our driveway exhausted. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but this morning felt like anything but. It was tiring not because of an early start with a meeting before church, the dressing of children, rushing out the door, conversations after the service, or even the disheartening news about a church member’s diagnosis. We were exhausted because our two kids couldn’t sit still or quiet in the wo

Laura Finn to Join a WorldSERVE Team to Moripodu, India

Laura Finn is currently a junior majoring in nursing at Simpson University, located in Redding. She has volunteered to serve on one of the university’s WorldSERVE teams during May and June. She will be joining other nursing students and a few physicians in ministry through Hope for People in providing medical care to impoverished, rural villages near Moripodu, India. Laura recently met with the Missions Committee and shared that her team have been meeting regularly in preparation for the mission trip. Although she expects to be able to use the knowledge and skills she has learned through the nursing program to serve the patients in India, she has also been participating in a period of spir

The Pastor's Pen

“But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect” (1 Pet. 3:15). The word used here “to make a defense” is apologia (Gr. avpologi,a). It’s where we get the word apologetics, which is the science of defending the Christian faith. What we believe is always under attack and, therefore, we need to be ready to explain to others what we believe and why we believe it. And, because we want to reflect well our Savior, we are to do so with gentleness and respect. Our responsibility is to honor the Lord always in our words and behavior, even as we present Him

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