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The Pastor's Pen

Love is in the air. At least that’s the message I’m getting as I look at the store decorations and advertisements reminding me that Valentine’s Day is near. According to the logic of the market, the way to truly communicate love to that special person in your life is through a box of chocolates, a manufactured card, and a pre-arranged assortment of flowers. Now, I certainly think that those can be legitimate ways to express and show love. Indeed, love between people can be expressed in words, deeds, actions, gestures, and gifts, but unless they are accompanied by interaction that is personal and genuine, they may not accomplish all that is intended in the giving of them. God himself shows u

An Update on Carol Johnson's Move to GlobalFingerprints

Child sponsorships have been around for a long time. In comparison, the child sponsorship of ReachGlobal is fairly new. But it is different from other groups in a very key way. If we look at a brief history of how it began we will see the difference. GlobalFingerprints officially began 2006, however it was the work of several prior years that launched it. The first country where ReachGlobal saw a need was the Congo. This country had just come out of a brutal 8 year war and the Evangelical Free Church of the Congo was suffering along with the rest of the country. There were many orphans, not only from the war but also from Aids. In 2004, the Arlington Heights Evangelical Free Church d

Mother's, Embrace the Mess

The Gospel Coalition just posted an article by Caroline Albanese who has a Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Women’s Ministries Degree from Moody Bible Institute. In this article she shares her thoughts on “embracing the abundance” and treasuring the people over the perfection. I believe this article can be a reminder not just for moms and messy houses, but for all as we strive to embrace, have joy in, and put the relationships God has given in our lives first and above that perfect job, perfect house, perfect car, perfect schedule. Allissa Bell, Children’s Ministries Mothers, Embrace the Mess When the house is clean, I hear a hallelujah chorus in the backgroun

Women's Ministry

“…be ready in season and out of season…” 2 Timothy 4:2 Our EFC Women’s Ministry Team is excited for our new year! Through much prayer our team prays for God’s direction as we plan together. We are anticipating amazing opportunities to grow in the Lord through various studies, events and activities coming up! Our theme for our 2018 year is “Seasons of Life” and we will promote the seasons of a woman of God’s life journey throughout our year. We invite you to join us on this journey and grow with us in our endeavor to know God better and reach hearts for Christ in this NEW YEAR of 2018! Check the Women’s Ministries kiosk for upcoming event fliers and information. God’s richest blessings to

Everyday a New Beginning

Sometimes the thought of a new beginning can be overwhelming. With so many things to do where do we start? Do you ever find yourself just stuck in one place because you have so many different possible directions in which to go? I know I do! It is at those times I need to grasp God’s perspective rather than my own finite perspective. I recently read a great story about a young girl who had a heavenly perspective. “A little girl was visiting her grandmother in the country. One evening they sat and enjoyed the panorama of stars in the heavens – such sparkling brilliance the little girl hadn’t seen, living in the city with all the lights. She was in awe of the beauty and said to her grand


Our vocabulary is always changing and ever-evolving. In 2013, “selfie” became not only a commonplace word, but was also the “word of the year.” 2015’s “word of the year” was “emoji,” which I’m sure there are still some people who have no idea what an emoji is. In this generation, one of the ways that vocabulary is changing is words that have always been classified as nouns are now becoming verbs. One of the more popular examples would be “texting.” One that I am hoping does not become popular is “adulting” This is referring to the idea of transitioning from adolescence into adulthood. The word “adulting” is most often used in a negative sense, such as “I am so fed up and I don’t want to ‘adu

In The Circle with the AWANA Ministry Director

This time around we would like to share with you about our CUBBIE club. What’s an AWANA Cubbie? We are AWANA Cubbies we’re happy all day long. We know that Jesus loves us—that’s why we sing this song. We hop because we’re happy, and we jump and shout for JOY! For Jesus is a friend to us. He loves each girl and boy. AWANA Cubbies celebrate the spiritual potential of preschoolers, in the two years prior to kindergarten, by helping them develop respect for God, His Son and His Word. In the Cubbies club, our purpose is to help parents with their child’s first step on this lifelong spiritual journey. AWANA Cubbies curriculum encourages early parent participation in Awana helping to establish

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