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Pastor's Pen

As we sit at the beginning of January, there is so much hope and promise that a new year brings. My heart is full of joy and wonder at the manifold blessings of God that we have seen since our arrival here in mid-August. Our gracious Father has opened up new doors for service, brought a freshness of His joy and presence among us, and is stirring within us a renewed vision of worship, obedience, and faithfulness to His Word. It is my sincere belief that God is preparing and moving all of us toward a season of greater growth, depth, and fruitfulness as His Word is preached and as His people obey and live out the Gospel. As I pray and plan for the New Year, my heart cries out: “All praise and g

Women's Ministries

YEAR AT A GLANCE PRAISE THE LORD! What a year of blessing and growth we have had here at EFC in our Women’s Ministries! We rejoice in the opportunities God has given us to reach out to one another and encourage, build up and even comfort one another as He has commanded us to do. We have grown in our Bible Studies, our personal relationships with God and each other. We have had opportunity to have fun and just ‘hang out’ with other ladies and make new friends as we gather for our Quarterly Ladies’ Night Out! As we reflect upon our growth and the added Ladies’ Bible Studies, Ladies’ Night Out events, growing Military Ministry, White Cross efforts, MOM’s Group, a growing Deaconess team, and

Student Ministries

Another year has come and gone. That’s 52 weeks that are behind us. We have used up another 365 days. 8,760 hours were spent. We have logged 525,600 minutes (fans of the Broadway musical Rent just sang that number in their heads). When it’s broken down like that, it makes us realize how much time we truly have, and worse yet, how much time we actually waste. If you were to look back on 2017, would you be pleased with what you accomplished? Usually, when we come to the end of a year, we look ahead and we think about the changes we are going to make to hopefully improve ourselves. This is why we make New Year’s Resolutions. Typically, these resolutions are made to encourage ourselves to be bet

OCS Eagle

All things become new! Here we are again in the beginning of a new year with many opportunities before us. OCS is facing this new year with challenges presented to us beyond our control. The state passed legislation that requires all private schools to pay a minimum salary to its full-time teachers. This challenge hits OCS with having to come up with approximately $35,000 more a year just to cover existing staff. This law went into effect on January 1st 2018. Though it was a surprise to us when we were informed about it this fall, the Lord already knew it was coming and made provision for the school. The school budget for 2017-2018 was based on 112 students. However, the Lord in His goodness

Sundays Are For Babies

I wanted to share with you this article by Megan Hill, a regular contributor to Christianity Today's Hermeneutics and to The Gospel Coalition. It was a great reminder to me why we must bring our children to Church. I hope it encourage you. SUNDAYS ARE FOR BABIES “Sundays are hard for babies,” a church member said sympathetically as she handed back my crying daughter. It’s a truth universally acknowledged. On Sundays, the carefully orchestrated nap schedule of the other six days bends and then snaps under the constraints of morning and evening worship. On Sundays, the quiet interactions of family life fade below the noise of an entire congregation. On Sundays, handfuls of Cheerios bridge the

Spotlight on Missions

“Missions Committee Report to Congregation for Activities in 2017” The Missions Committee greatly appreciates the tremendous support from the congregation during this past year. As a church family, we have welcomed a large number of missionaries who have actively participated in our services. The church family has contributed to the financial support of ten missionary families, provided personal support for individual children in India through the EFC ReachGlobal “Fingerprints” program, and been faithful in providing regular prayer support for the missionary ministries. Thus, as we enter into a new year, the Missions Committee wishes to provide a report to the congregation concerning the

As A Baby, Jesus Came

As a baby, Jesus came From His home above. He left His throne, and who He was, To teach us how to love As a baby, Jesus came Wrapped in swaddling cloth. Willingly took on humanity Though He was one with God As a baby, Jesus came To one day grow to be The Savior of the human race People like you and me As a baby, Jesus came As God's eternal light That will never be extinguished But forever shine out bright As a baby, Jesus came The hope of eternal life Reconciling us back to God, Giving meaning to our As a man, Jesus died, His blood poured out for all, Cleansing and forgiving us, For to this, He was called We thank Him that He came a babe And grew to be a man And for His s

Just Walk Across the Room

Last month, we had the privilege to take our Student Leadership team on a retreat to Lake Tahoe. It was a wonderful time of relaxation, brainstorming, and challenges to build relationships for Kingdom purposes. With the backdrop of snow-capped mountains and a crystal blue lake, it was encouraging to watch these students dive deeper into God’s word and be challenged to share their faith. The main focus of our weekend was the book Just Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybels, which deals with the subject of evangelism. In the book we read several stories from Mr. Hybels about personal encounters with friends, neighbors and in some case, perfect strangers, and his efforts to talk to them about what

Veterans, Volleyball and Vibrant Voices!

On Thursday, November 9th Oroville Christian School held a special chapel service to honor our veterans. During the service, all branches of the armed services were recognized and veterans in attendance had the opportunity to share about their active service duty. Each veteran was given a small token of appreciation and told how much we value their service to our country. In the month prior to this chapel, OCS decided to collect special offerings to purchase Bibles through the American Bible Society to be given to current active duty men and women in the armed services. We are so please that through the generous giving of our students, families, and friends enough money was donated to purcha

“Ken and JoAn Warwick, God’s Servants”

Ken and JoAn Warwick have served as missionaries for 35 years within the EFC ReachGlobal ministries. Their years of faithful commitment to God’s commandment within Matthew 28:18-20 have taken them to many parts of the World. As a congregation, we have supported Ken and JoAn throughout their ministry and today they are the longest-term missionaries currently supported by Oroville EFC. Recently, Ken was called upon to serve as the Associate Director of Personnel for EFC ReachGlobal. In this role, his primary focus is on the preparation of new missionary staff. The training model allows for online training so that the live, “face-to-face”, training events can be shortened, while on-going tr

The Necessity of Effectively Communicating to Children

This article from TableTalk devotional magazine was written by Keith Mathison a professor of Systematic Theology at Reformation Bible College in Florida. He writes on how important it is to make sure our children understand what they hear when it comes to spiritual things. Equally important is our own preparation to answer and plain any spiritual question or children will have. The Necessity of Effectively Communicating to Children Like many, I have watched my fair share of films over the years, and the vast majority have been quite forgettable. There are a small number that I enjoyed enough to purchase in order to watch them again. But there are very, very few that were so powerful in one w

In the Circle with the Awana Ministry Director

Awana has just finished 8 weeks of club and we wanted to give you all an update. All of our clubbers eagerly look forward to club each and every Wednesday with most clubbers coming prepared with their verses memorized and ready to recite to their leader. We currently have 108 registered clubbers from 81 families of which only 8 of these families attend EFC. Our T & T club for 3rd thru 6th graders just spent a couple of weeks getting to know Psalm 119. They have discovered that it is the longest chapter in the Bible with 176 verses. The clubbers discovered that each of the 22 stanzas in this chapter is related to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Also they learned that one of God's


What are the words that come to mind when you think of Christmas? I think for most of us, a list of words related to this festive time of year would include: Christ. Lights. Carols. Angels. Prophets. Shepherds. Mary. Joseph. Magi. Presents. Love. Peace. Hope. Life. Promise. If we were asked to summarize the message of Christmas, we would have varied answers that would, hopefully, involve the theme of God becoming man so that people might be reconciled with God. There are, of course, many details that would need to be added to that summary statement so that it would be understood and announced in a faithful way. As I write this article, I think of the song The First Noel. Its word are familia

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