Welcome to EvFreeOroville.com Purity Ball

Purity Ball 2015 April 11th, Call Church office for details & tickets. Submitted pictures of this years Purity Ball will be placed here. But for now enjoy this video from 2009.

Daughters are requested to keep with the theme of purity in modest lifestyle by wearing a dress with a modest neck line and no backless dress. We request straps on the dress, as dancing with strapless dresses proves to be a problem.  Dresses should be between knee length and floor length. We want you to look like the priceless treasures you are!

Plan to join us this year for our 8th annual Purity Ball.  

Daughters (ages 12 and up) will be escourted by their father or mentor as they come together for this important event.

For young ladies who for whatever reason do not have a father to bring them to the Purity Ball, we suggest that a spiritual leader in her life be asked to bring her.  A Mentor could be a grandfather, step-father, a family friend, or a pastor.