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The Evangelical Free Church of Oroville, Ca.

A long time ago God said to his people, ' I have loved you with an everlasting love '. Those words are rather remarkable as they stand if they are true. We consider them to be true and carry on our lives on the basis of that truth. Another man said, "We love because he first loved us." That is both a statement and a challenge. If these things seem good to you, I encourage you to stop by and check us out for a few weeks.

A couple of words of caution will be wise. First, we are not perfect; you may meet with some difficult people and there may be things about us you don't like. The fact of the matter is that Jesus said he came to save the lost, and the lost are sinners, and sinners tend to mess up now and then. We believe the heart of Christian faith is hope for change and love for forgiveness.

Second, we are not professionals, in particular, we are not professional entertainers. We are amateurs with a serious love for God and delight in worshiping him. We see worship as something people participate in, that they become a part of in song and prayer and hearing God's Word.

Third, we tend to think that the major point of Christian faith is helping people to get things right with God. Working and living together as a church is mostly about helping one another to get done in the world what God wants done rather than getting God to help us get what we want in the world.

I hope these things make sense and are appealing to you. Again I encourage you to come and
check us out. Nothing is more necessary or better than knowing God. We invite you to join us!

Pastor Bronson

A Welcome from the Pastor